Acquisition Candidate Search


CLIENT:  Civil aerospace equipment supplier

SITUATION: Client had developed a very profitable leading market position, but growth opportunities were limited in his current market segment. Initial attempts to grow through acquisition had not been successful.

OUR WORK: Working with client to develop a fact-based framework for selecting target segments of growth and identify strategic acquisition candidates, we:

    • Assessed more than 30 aircraft equipment segments in order to rank target segments for growth, using JSA’s proprietary equipment databases and client’s decision criteria
    • Identified all significant suppliers in each of the target equipment segments and assessed their competitive positions
    •  We selected potential acquisition candidates based on a clearly defined set of criteria working with the client
    • Profiled the most attractive candidates for the client and determined their likely availability

Based on this analysis, client had detailed information on the top ten potential acquisition targets and a fact-based methodology for ranking other potential acquisitions as they emerge.

RESULT: Target candidates were pursued. Based on the study, client refocused business strategy. Client company was subsequently acquired by a strategic buyer.