JSA’s comprehensive methodology concentrates upon expert guidance and supporting analytically rigorous procedures in order to assist long-term strategic decisions. We develop fact-based scenarios, which provide a focused and unbiased assessment of the identified strategies, clearly indicating the advantages and disadvantages of each recommendation. JSA does not merely define customer solutions, but enable clients to focus these solutions.

We offer extensive domain expertise including proprietary analytics on key industry sectors and supply chains. Quantitative and qualitative research is conducted by experienced industry experts and analysts including senior advisors as primary participants. Our robust, fact-based methodology for conducting market research and strategy engagements clearly sets the industry standard.

While some employ standardized frameworks, our methodology embraces variability as each project is specifically tailored to meet client needs and objectives. There is no substitute for fact-based strategies, our products including comprehensive databases make the job easier. Interpreting facts are as important as gathering them, we find the story and communicate it clearly and graphically. Each story calls for decisions, our fact-based findings lead to practical, actionable recommendations. The effectiveness of each strategy depends on its implementation, we assist in the follow through to ensure the success of the plan and contingencies are managed. We know the client runs their business, we consult, counsel, recommend, and assist but acknowledge the ultimate decision making resides with the client.