Guiding Principles

The Client’s Best Interest Comes First

We report facts as we see them. We conduct our studies in the most cost-effective manner possible and work only when we can add value.

Each Situation Is Unique

There is no “cookie-cutter” approach to any of our cases. While JSA has developed proven methodologies, we tailor each project to specific client needs and objectives. We interact closely with all personnel and elements of each project we take on to determine areas of adjustments.

Strategies Must Be Fact-Based

There is no substitute for this approach. In aerospace and security, JSA’s comprehensive databases allows us to examine real numbers and structures.

The Facts Tell A Story

Interpreting facts is as important as gathering them. We find the story and communicate it clearly and graphically.

The Story Calls For Decisions

We do not allow for “analysis paralysis”. Our fact-based findings lead to practical, action-oriented recommendations.

The Proof Is In The Doing

The effectiveness of a plan depends on its implementation. We assist in the follow through, to ensure that the best-laid plans stay on track and contingencies can be managed.

The Client Runs Their Own Businesses

We are consultants. We counsel. We recommend. We assist. We know that final decision-making belongs to the client.